Residential Information

Sherman has a strong and vibrant residential growth history. In 2010, when the national housing market was experiencing a major slowdown in new housing starts, the Village issued more building permits for new housing construction than in 2009. Again, defying national trends, homes continue to be sold and it is these strong sales that reflect the kind of community that people want to live in and raise their families.

Sherman has twenty-two subdivisions within its’ corporate limits. A number of these subdivisions have strong Homeowner’s Associations which work to oversee the compliance with their respective subdivision covenants which along with other activities help make the subdivision attractive and keep property values growing. The location of the subdivisions along with streets and lot numbers can be viewed on the Village Map. To obtain a copy of the Recorded Subdivision Covenants please contact:

Joshua A. Langfelder
Sangamon County Recorder’s Office
Second Floor – County Building
200 South 9th Street, Room 211
Springfield, IL 62701

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday thru Friday

Phone: (217) 535-3150
Fax: (217) 535-3159