Sherman / Williamsville Bike and Hike Trail connecting the two sister Villages

The Villages of Sherman and Williamsville are in the planning stage for a 4 ½ mile multi-use Bike and Hike Trail connecting the two Villages. The planning for the project is being paid for by a federal $269,000 grant which is administered by the State under the Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP). The Villages hope that in the future the trail could be a component of the Route 66 Trail, which connects Chatham and Springfield and Sherman.  The Village is currently pursuing further funding under the ITEP program for construction costs associated with the trail of which $50 million will be available for successful grant awardees.

Sherman Elementary and Village of Sherman Co-development of a Park for Youth Soccer and Softball

Under an Intergovernmental Cooperative Agreement, the Village of Sherman and Williamsville School District have partnered to develop a multi-use park which will be used by the Sherman Elementary School during school hours and by Village residents during non-school hours. Using Tax Increment Financing funds, the Village paid or will pay for the development of portable soccer fields, a softball diamond, batting and pitching cages and playground equipment. The soccer fields are currenlty available and the balance of the facilities will be under development in future years. The maintenance of the park will be shared by the Village and the School District.  The development of this park utilized a large greenspace area owned by the School District in which the Village President and Board of Trustees sought to broker a deal for the development of this unused space.  The additional park space adds to the amenities Sherman has to offer and serves to bring more families and tax dollars into the Village of Sherman.

Village Street Improvement Planning Study

The Village of Sherman annually conducts a village wide analysis of the entire street network in Sherman for use in developing a long range plan for street improvements.  Various road improvements are planned.

Village Storm Water Drainage Planning Study

The Village has conducted a village wide in-depth analysis for storm water drainage to be used in developing a long range plan for storm water drainage improvements.

Safe Routes to School Development Project

Through the Federal Safe Routes to School program, the Village of Sherman received a $231,000 grant for the construction of a sidewalk linking the subdivisions of Brookside Glen, The Prairie at Brookside Glen and Quail Ridge to the Sherman Elementary School.  Additionally, the Village required sidewalk curb cuts at intersections within the subdivisions making the corners handicap accessible. The entire project was paid for through the federal government grant which is administered by the State of Illinois Department of Transportation.